You Are Every Lovely Word

My husband bought me a postcard a few months ago with the quote below and wrote on the back “I just wanted to say what a great roomie you have been lately and what a great mum you are to our boys.” Sob. He was definitely after something as a) I am most certainly NOT a great roomie (I leave sweet wrappers on the side instead of putting them in the bin and often file his important post in our children’s memory box) and b) whilst I am mostly a good mum, I can sometimes be found drinking wine to get me though the bath shift. Don’t judge me. But it made me cry nevertheless as it made me feel really amazing at a time when I felt pretty un-amazing as I had spent most of the day trying to convince my 4 and 2 year old sons that empty wrapping paper rolls should NOT be used as weapons. More importantly it made me cry as, without realising it, the quote on the front summed up exactly how I would like people to feel when they receive one of my Odes; that they are important, that they are special, and that they are LOVED.


Unexpected Card from husband (complete with fake queen stamp drawing on the back- 90s!)

From a young age I have always loved writing. Instead of buying my parents what they really wanted for Christmas like some perfume or a golf ball- I would give them a poem. My children will not be allowed to do the same- I would like actual presents please if you are reading this. As I’ve grown older- despite working in Investment Banking for 8 years- I have always known that I would return to something a bit more creative and when I was asked to be a Godmother for the first time, the essence of My Ode To You in its basic form came about. I couldn’t find the perfect gift for him so I sat down and wrote about how I felt when he was born, his lovely personality and a message for him as he grew older. At the time it was just typed up on a piece of a4 in Times New Roman font and shoved in a Christening card (now they are a bit more fancy and include colours and designs and frames) but his mum called me a few gins later that evening sobbing, saying it was perfect. Feedback from other Odes has included that it was “genuinely the best gift we received,” “something that I will treasure forever” and that a grandmother “loved it so much she would like to be buried with it.” High praise indeed…I think!


Laughter and (happy) tears from Grandparents. LOVE this picture a customer sent me.


I guess what I am saying is that ability to make someone feel really special with a few words is a really lovely thing to do. So whether you achieve this by setting up your own business/blog that specialises in writing like I have, or you do it by sending your loved one a card saying they are awesome, or you do it by simply sending a text to a new mum to say “You are doing a great job”- if you can make someone feel really special with a few lovely words then it really is a hugely powerful thing to do- and something that we should all do a bit more often.


Abot My Ode to You

Much chocolate bribery was used in the taking of this photo


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