How long will My Ode take?

On average the poems take 2-3 weeks from the time I receive your completed questionnaire to the time you receive the finished product. (This includes the time spent making changes to the first draft if I need to.) If you need a quicker turnaround, then please contact me and I will do our very best to help.

What occasions do you write for?

My Ode To You specialises in personalised poems for children and from children that are the perfect gift for  Birthday’s, Christenings or a Thank You to hard working Grandparents. I also offer a more bespoke service for any occasion; Wedding speeches, Funeral poems, Special birthday tributes, Anniversaries. You name the occasion and I will come up with a witty and heartfelt Ode that is guaranteed to make a unique gift for someone you love, or a perfect speech to make a special day truly memorable.

What is the format of My Ode To You Children’s Poems?

Each poem is made up of 7 verses, each with 4 rhyming couplets. They include details of the child’s birth, their likes/dislikes, memories of them growing up and a heartfelt message for the receiver to treasure as they get older. There are some elements that remain similar (for example to formatting at the beginning and the final 6 lines always remain the same as an enduring message.) Please see Order Your Ode section or our facebook page www.facebook.com/myodetoyou for examples of formatting.

What is the format of My Ode To You Granparent’s Poems?

Each poem is made up of 7 verses, each with 4 rhyming couplets. They include details of the child’s relationship with their grandparents, their likes/dislikes, special things they do together/ places they go and a heartfelt message for from the grandchild at the end. There are some elements that remain similar (for example to formatting at the beginning and the final 6 lines always remain the same as an enduring message.) Please see Order Your Ode section or our facebook page www.facebook.com/myodetoyou for examples of formatting.

What is the format of My Ode To You Poems for Other Occasions?

The poems for Other Occasions are completely bespoke and are made up of 30 rhyming lines (or can be less if you prefer.) They include details that are relevant to the Occasion and are written in exactly the right tone that you require.

What is the style of My Ode To You Children’s Poems?

My Ode to You Children’s Odes are humorous and heartfelt personalised poems guaranteed to make the receiver feel very special indeed. They are written as if the person purchasing the Ode is talking to the receiver; describing when they were born, their lovely little personality, their likes/dislikes and they include funny and special memories of them growing up. At the end is a message for the child to treasure as they get older….”Just remember to be yourself which is pretty much perfect to me.” Please see Order your Ode our facebook page www.facebook.com/myodetoyou for examples.

What is the style of My Ode To You Poems for other occasions?

My Ode to You poems for other occasions are tailored to be exactly how you would like them to be! Whether this is humerous, heartfelt, moving, reminiscent, light-hearted- you name it and we will try to get exactly the right tone for your special occasion. Perhaps you need a fitting tribute for a loved one that has sadly passed away. Perhaps you cant find the right gift for that parent/grandparent who has it all. Perhaps you are struggling with your best man speech. My Ode To You can come up with a unique personalised gift that has exactly the right tone and gravitas for any occasion.

How does the process work?

1.    Select the type of Ode that you would like by browsing our website for examples of products and testimonials from previous purchasers.
2.    Go to the Order an Ode tab and select the gift you would like including design/colour/framing options (check to see delivery costs on FAQ)
3.    Make a payment via Paypal and provide delivery details (at this point your postage costs will be added if not local.) You will receive a confirmation email to say payment has been taken and that you will be contacted shortly with a questionnaire to fill in with details for your Ode.
4.    Complete the questionnaire received via email from My Ode To You and send back to hello@myodetoyou.co.uk
5.    Once we receive the completed questionnaire we will contact you within 2 weeks with a draft for you to approve
6.    Once you have approved the draft- we will send the item to print and post to you with 2-3 days. (Please note Royal Mail and Hermes can take up to 2 days from this point. Local delivery can be arranged for free via email.)
7.    We hope that you are delighted with the product. (We haven’t had any complaints yet!) but if you do have any questions then please feel free to contact us on the CONTACT page of our website and we will be happy to help

What is in the questionnaire?

I know that choosing the right gift for a special occasions can often take a lot of time, so I have tried to make our questionnaires as simple as possible. Depending on the type of Ode you choose then I will ask short questions about how you know the person it is dedicated to, likes, dislikes, personality traits, funny stories and special memories that you share. You can write as little or as much as you like. The questions are designed so that we don’t have to contact you for further information but if you or I feel that we need more information then we can always stay in touch.

What information should I include in the Questionnaire?

When you are completing the questionnaire please think very carefully about what information you would like included. If they are a gift for someone (say your daughter on her 21st) then it is worth considering that whilst this is a gift about your memories of her … are they ones that she would consider important and will they create an image for both of you reflecting how she would like to be perceived? If they are a gift for a speech- will the information you give set the right tone and is it appropriate for the setting? If they are a gift for a child- are the memories ones that you would like reminded of hanging up on a wall every day? Maybe have a look at some of the examples in “Order Your Ode” if you are stuck for inspiration. The questions we send you will act as a guidance and there is space to add anything you think I may have missed. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help!

Are the Children’s Poems completely Bespoke?

The poems are bespoke in that there will be never be two poems the same. They will include all of your precious memories about your loved one and be a unique gift that you will treasure forever. There are some elements of formatting (for example the beginning of the poems) that will remain similar. And the last 6 lines of the children’s poems will always remain the same (please see Order Your Ode for examples.) This is in order to keep costs lower  (to write 28 new lines each time would take a lot longer and have to be reflected in the price- also we feel that our last six lines are an enduring message that applies to all children “Just be yourself which is pretty much perfect to me.”

Are the Poems for Other Occasions Completely Bespoke?

Yes. The slightly higher price reflects the time and effort taken to write a poem that is completely unique to your special occasion.

How much do they cost?

Prices vary according to the type of Ode.
Children’s poems are £30+p&p  unframed or £40+p&p framed.
Other Bespoke odes are £6o+p&p unframed or £70+p&p framed.

Gift Vouchers range from £33-£75

Delivery is free to postcodes local to our St Albans office (please check in the postcode checker if your area is covered.)
Otherwise please more details under “What is the Delivery Cost?”

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes! Perhaps you are unsure of all the details to include but know someone who would love to create their very own product. I offer the following gift vouchers

Children’s Poem Gift Vouchers are £33 unframed or £45 framed. (the higher costs reflect the postage costs passed on so the receiver doesn’t have to pay it)
Other Bespoke Odes Gift Vouchers are £63 unframed or £75 framed.(the higher costs reflect the postage costs passed on so the receiver doesn’t have to pay it)

When do I pay and how?

Payment is made via Paypal at the time of ordering through this website. To use Paypal you do not need to have a Paypal account and you can pay safely with all major credit and debit cards.

What frames do you offer?

Frames come in choice of colours: matt black, matt white, beech and a choice of sizes
Small (21cm x 30cm x 3cm with a glass front and no mount.) These have a back stand or can be hung
Large (30cm x 40xm x 3.5cm with a glass front and a neutral mount.) These are deep frames so can stand alone or be hung on a wall.
We also offer an “unframed” option that reduces the overall cost.

Can I see examples of your work?

Of course! Examples of the designs, the formatting and the style of My Ode To You can be seen on the “Order Your Ode” page and there are reviews of our products under each REVIEWS tab or on the Testimonials page. The Blog section also includes details of how we work and recent commissions from customers happy to be featured. Our Facebook page also has lots of information. I hope you love them as much as I love writing them! If you have any further questions I am always happy to answer them so feel free to email me at hello@myodetoyou.co.uk or fill in the form on the Contact page.

What is the delivery cost?

I deliver for free to postcodes local to our St Alban’s office (please see the postcode checker for more details.)
Unframed prints are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and posted in a hard-backed envelope. They are sent by Royal Mail and usually dispatched within 2 days of the draft being signed off.  Postage is £1.50
Framed prints are dispatched by Hermes as a Small Package within 2 working days from when the draft is signed off. Standard UK delivery 2-3 days after this. Frames are carefully wrapped and packed in a sturdy cardboard box to avoid any breakages! The postage cost is £4.50 (as the packages are fairly heavy this is reflected in the cost.
Please note: To keep postage costs reasonable for our customers frames will not be sent by tracked or recorded delivery unless specifically requested at checkout.

Can I make changes to the Ode once I have received the first draft

I put a lot of time and care into making sure that your Odes convey exactly the right sentiment and information about your loved one and very rarely have to make changes. However, if there are any small changes to the draft that you would like made (such a grammatical changes, or any errors that you spot) then do let me know and I can edit quickly. If you provide additional information that you would like included in the ode after I have completed the draft,  then please note, a small charge may be made to reflect the time taken to rewrite the ode.

What if the Ode is different in print to how it looks on the website?

I have tried to represent the colours and quality of my design as accurately as possible through my photos on the website but please bear in mind that monitors can sometimes show slight colour variations to the original artwork. If you are unhappy with the quality of the finished product then please contact me and I will see how we can help.

What if I am not happy with the text of my personalised Ode?

I put a lot of time and care into making sure that your Odes convey exactly the right sentiment to your loved one and really hope that you enjoy receiving them as much as I love writing them.  They are created using the information you give me so please take your time to consider exactly what it is that you would like included. You can find examples of the style of my Odes on this website and testimonials that give you an idea what to expect and I haven’t had any complaints so far! But if you feel that you personalised Ode is not what you imagined after you receive the draft- then please contact me and I will work really hard to help create the product that you envisaged. Please note that once you have signed off the draft however, then the product will be sent to print so any changes will be incur a small cost.

Can I return my Ode?

I hope that the Product Descriptions and photographs on the “Order and Ode” page give you a clear idea of the type of product you will receive. They are all created with great care and are made to a high quality that I consider is reflected in the price.  In the unlikely event that your purchase is not to your satisfaction, please contact me via email to discuss a refund/exchange. All returns must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. Items must be in perfect condition to receive a full refund. Please note, the return postage responsibility lies with the customer, and we recommend that you record the delivery.
If your order is damaged or something is wrong, please contact us immediately. We are happy to help!

What will you do with my information?

I will keep all your information needed for the poems for a period of 6 months in case you would like to order another copy/make any changes. I will then delete the information. I will not share your information (from the poem or contact details) with any third parties.

Can I feature on your website/Facebook page?

Yes! I would LOVE for you to share your experience of My Ode To You with other people. You can write a review on the Review tab under each product page, or feature in my blog, or upload a photograph of your finished product to my Facebook Page. I will most certainly not do any of the above without your consent but love hearing about how the gifts were received and where they ended up so do contact me to let  know! It’s my favourite part of the job! I may contact you to speak about some one the options above after you have received your product, or about other offers/products so if you would not like me to contact you please let me know.