About Me

Melissa Holian

Melissa-HeadshotI’m Melissa, wife to Tom, mother to Lucas (4) and Finlay (2) and Founder of My Ode To You. I like running, taking pictures of my children in fancy dress and laughing with my girlfriends. I don’t like fennel, the hangover fear and people who don’t say thank you when I give way.

I have always loved writing but despite studying English at The Nottingham Trent University- I then went on to spend 8 years working as a sales Trader at various Investment Banks. Getting up at 452am was certainly good preparation for Motherhood! But after I had my second child, I faced the huge “What Do I Do Next” dilemma that so many other women I know have also experienced. I wanted to be there for my children but I also wanted to do something that I felt passionate about and that would let me still be “ME.”

I spent a long time thinking about a job that would play to my strengths and that would fit with my family and so My Ode To You was born. Since I started, I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the support from my family, friends and perfect strangers. Having lived in St Albans for 10 years, I also really wanted to build a brand that used other super talented local mums who are juggling the work/life balance with inspiring success. (Please see the contact page for more information.)

It’s been a busy time- but also an exciting one and I really hope you enjoy reading and receiving my Odes as much as I love writing them,

Melissa x