My Ode To You

Abot My Ode to YouMy Ode To You is a gift service offering beautiful, unique, personalised poems that perfectly capture how you feel about the recipient, their lovely personalities and your precious memories together.

Creator and Writer, Melissa, specialises in humorous and heartfelt poems for Children and from Children that are a special gift for Christenings, Birthdays, or simply a keepsake of what your little (or not so little) one has been up to. Whether you are looking for a thoughtful present for a Special Occasion, a memorable reading for a Wedding service, or a witty speech for a 21st Birthday- she will work closely with you to write the perfect Ode, with exactly the right tone, that is guaranteed to make the receiver feel very loved indeed. (Please see Ordering An Ode for examples.)

“The idea for “My Ode for You” came about when I was given the very great honour of becoming a Godmother,” says Melissa. “As with most gifts for special occasions- I really struggled to find something that completely captured my Godson’s personality but also something that would carry some gravitas in years to come. So I sat down and wrote about how I felt when he was born, his gorgeous little character and my hopes and dreams for him as he grew older. Four years later it is still up on his bedroom wall, and although he is different now in some ways, in many ways he is still the same boy working two toys and “pretty much PERFECT to me.” Each poem is made up of 28 lines written from the heart and I really hope you enjoy reading and giving them as much as I love writing them.”-Melissa Holian, founder of My Ode to You.

(Please note that whilst the majority of the poem is bespoke, some elements of the Children’s poems (for example formatting at the beginning and the final 6 lines) will remain similar.)