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What an amazing idea. I was presented with a large box on my hen do from all my friends and I was overwhelmed when I opened it up. My ode was funny, sweet and personal and made me laugh and cry at the same time! I have read it over and over and had a tear in my eye each time. Even my fiancé admitted a pang of jealously that ‘girls do such nice stuff for each other’. This is a really unique and thoughtful way to share memories and words that we so often forget to say aloud to each other. Thanks for reminding me what wonderful friends I have and what amazing times we have shared. Xxx (Imogen, 34, Nottingham)

We have now given mum her ode and she was sobbing through the cover letter let alone the actual ode! She absolutely loved it and said it was the best present she had ever been given. I think she also read it 3 times that day! I couldn’t finish reading it out as i started to cry, then my brother got teary when he was reading it AND my dad also started crying…so good tears all round haha! Thank you for all the help and beautiful writing you have done for my brother and I! (Steph, Bristol)

Wowza, Melissa, you got my brother down to a tee. What a talent you have. My mum loves it too. It’s amazing. Can’t wait to give it to him (Jenny, St Albans)

Just to say my friend JJ absolutely loved her Birthday Ode (as did I!) So much so that she’s now also framing the cover letter! Thanks again so much (Anna, St Albans)

There were major tears from me when I received a poem from My Ode to You for my son’s christening. It captured him perfectly, as well as reminding me how well his godmother knows him and his quirky little character. It’s on the wall on his bedroom and I’ve found at least three people reading it and having a little weep! It’s something we can keep forever as a snapshot of how he was at that age, which is priceless. (Steph, London)

Thank you for writing the most beautiful Ode to Grannie I could imagine. I really wanted to find a special way to tell my mother in law how fabulous she is and this was perfect. She was moved to tears and really appreciated the thought and details that had gone into it. Just perfect- thank you again! (Clare, London)

Thank you so much for my Bespoke Leaving Ode! There was laughter, plenty of tears and everyone was so impressed. Everyone was wowed by the idea of poetry as a leaving gift. It was the best thing I could have done to leave them with a sentimental reminder- so thank you so very very much. I and my audience love the poem! (Michelle, St Albans)

My husband opened his Ode from the children first thing and loved it! He even had a tear! He said he’d treasure it. Just the reaction I wanted. Thank you ! ps (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and am going to order another one for my best friend’s birthday) (Anna, St Albans)

I was looking for a Bespoke reading for my daughter’s Christening and came across “My Ode To You” after a fellow mum mentioned it on a Facebook Group. My son’s Christening had included a reading from “On the Night You Were Born” and I wanted something similarly special and meaningful. After talking to Melissa about what I would like included in the Ode, she sent me a tailored questionnaire, and within a week she had emailed the first draft to me. It was really lovely, with references to the poem at my son’s Christening and all the special things that we do together. She was happy to make some small changes so that it was completely how I imagined and delivered it to me beautifully wrapped at no extra cost. I read it at my daughter’s Christening this Sunday and everyone thought it was just perfect. I would highly recommend to anyone. (Carol, St Albans)

My sister in law totally LOVED her bespoke Ode. She really cried and hugged me twice. She thought it was perfect and so did I, lots of tears. Thanks so much (Hannah, Ireland)

Just wanted to thank you again for the lovely ode, it was Phil’s party on Sunday so I gave it to him then. He read the first line then said he wanted to read it later by himself (don’t think he wanted to get emosh in front of people). Anyway he sent me a message later to say how touched he was. And it made my cousin tear up so brilliant job done!! Xx (Victoria, 33, St Albans)

Being 8.5 months pregnant, I wanted to get something really special for my son’s second birthday. It was important to me that my son realised how important he is and how the new baby will not replace him so when I came across the poem online, I thought it was the perfect gift. The process was so easy – I provided some details about my son and then received a draft. I made a couple of minor amendments from alternatives offered and selected the colour and frame and that was it! The end result is a beautiful poem that’s very personal to my son, husband and I. It brings a tear to my eye every time in read it as it evokes such wonderful memories. The poem is hanging in his room and everyone who sees it loves it and learns a little about my little boy. Definitely worth every penny and I would really recommend this for birthdays, christening and births. I’m will definitely order one for my new arrival. (Angela, London)

Just given my Bespoke Valentine’s Ode to my boyfriend and it went down a treat. He has read it four or five times already! Thank you so much!!! I may have cried when I first read it too. It looks so gorgeous in card form and is something we will both treasure. Thanks again. So brilliant. (Charlotte, Knebworth)

I ordered a poem from my four year old son to his nanny for her christmas present. Melissa made the whole process to order simple and straightforward and even wrapped it up beautifully. When my mother in law opened it the joy on her face was wonderful to see- she was so touched to read their special relationship. I would highly recommend and will be using Melissa’s service again in the near future. If you’re after a unique gift- you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Melissa. (Julie, St Albans)

Received our poem for my daughters first birthday and it was completely different to everything else we were given. I’m not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye. Having supplied a few defining words about our special little girl, the poem captured her personality and the way we feel about her perfectly. It is such a beautiful and special thing for us the parents to have right now but will be equally as special for our little one when she is older. It has pride of place just outside her bedroom and we say goodnight to it every single night as part of the bedtime routine. Everyone should have one of these! (Rob, aged 34, Richmond)

My ode to Heidi hangs in pride of place on her bedroom wall and i think it always will. We were lucky enough to be given one of Melissa’s beautiful poems for our daughter’s first birthday and it far exceeded my expectations. Melissa managed to turn my haphazard observations about our baby into a warm, funny and truly personal keepsake. The proof of how well she captured Heidi’s first year was when I watched her grandparents, aunts and uncles each reduced to tears as they read it. What’s lovely is that even now 6months later when I read it I’m reminded of some of those precious baby moments that seem to have passed so quickly. Quite genuinely the best first birthday gift we were given. Thank you Melissa (Tanya, 33, St Albans)

I asked Melissa to write a poem as a present for our eldest daughter for her 21st. I had read a poem she had previously written and thought it was beautiful and wanted a present that she would hopefully treasure forever and someday hopefully share with her children and grandchildren. The process was very easy and straightforward and even a few small changes were no problem to Melissa! I was absolutely choked with the end result, it really pulled at my heart strings and for days before my daughters birthday I filled up with tears every time I read it. It is now in the safe hands of my daughter Jilly. It was the first present she carefully re-wrapped in its beautiful frame and brought back to University with her after a weekend of celebrating her birthday at home. She loved it so much she held it tight against her chest when she was thanking me so much for it. She shared it with a lot of her friends and they all said how beautiful a gift and how special it was. I would certainly without any hesitation recommend it to as many people I know for that very special birthday or indeed special occasion of any sort. I will certainly be ordering same for my other two daughters when they both turn 21 without a shadow of a doubt. This poem was a very special gift of love, carefully wrapped in the most beautiful frame and the most gorgeous oldie world wrapping. And it was so reasonably priced for the many hours that were put into preparing it. Melissa has a wonderful talent for pitching the poem EXACTLY as YOU want it. (Jilly, age 42, Hemel Hempstead)

“I approached Melissa as I wanted a special poem for our wedding day. I had been looking for a personal poem and she was recommended to me. She was very helpful and clever in her approach to this, she spoke to both my wife and I separately to gain stories, sayings and memories. Melissa sent over a list of questions to really tease out the information. Melissa took away all this detail and turned it into an amazing poem. It was so well received on our special day, it had my wife and I laughing, smiling and crying. The crowd gave it a round of applause at the end and we had so many great comments (still to this day people remember it). I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a poem for any occasion, you will not regret it and you will have it for life!” (Ryan, 29, Hitchin)

I bought an Ode from my 3 sons to their grandparents for Christmas and there were tears all round (good tears!) My mum even said she would like to be cremated with it! They are such a beautiful, personal gift and a really lovely keepsake of my parents special relationship with their grandsons. It is something I know they will treasure forever. The process of ordering them was really simple and as I am based in St Albans, Melissa even hand delivered them to me, beautifully wrapped (one less job before Christmas!) I would definitely recommend My Ode To You and use them again in the future- in fact I am just in the process of ordering a Christening one now!
Lora, St Albans

When we opened our “Ode” from our Grandsons we were were lost for words. My husband and I had never seen anything like it. It included all of the little things we do with them, the places we go, our favourite books to read, and a message from our daughter that left me in tears about how she has learnt how to be a good mum from watching me. It was beautifully wrapped and came in a lovely big white frame that now takes pride of place in our kitchen for all to see. Many of our friends have already admired it and been touched by the very personal stories included. It really is a special gift and one that we will always treasure.
Sue, Stevenage

My bridesmaids used My Ode To You for their speech at my wedding and it was BRILLIANT! They had everyone laughing at stories of my terrible ex boyfriends/fashion sense and me crying at just how much my friendship clearly meant to them. They included details of us dating, our engagement, our home, even my husbands dislike of vegetables!! It was a really special moment of my wedding day and people still talk about it now. They even had it framed to give to us afterwards and 4 years on- it is a great reminder of our perfect day.
Angela, London

I bought an Ode to my niece in America for her first birthday and was quite nervous sending it as my sister is quite particular about gifts! She sent me email after she received it- so thought I would send it to you.
“I received Zoey’s wonderful “Ode to You” birthday gift last week, and I finally opened it and read it a few days ago. It brought tears to my eyes! I was really touched by how well it captured her and how well you seem to know her and know about her … You mentioned details I don’t even remember telling you!” To have her sit down and write an email is a huge thing, and says a lot about how much it meant to her. Thank you so so so much!
Patricia, London

My Mum loved her Ode and went straight home and put it on the wall. Thanks for writing it for me! It was lovely I could do something so personal for my mum from my son so thank you for helping me! (Emma, St Albans)

I was so supprised on my 60th birthday when I opened the beautifully wrapped poem my daughter had ordered for me- she wanted to thank me for looking after my grandchildren and say happy birthday at the same time-I assumed it wasn’t an original poem but I soon realised the words and verses were extremely personal and must have taken lots of thought- which made this different from any poems I have seen on the market- my friends have been asking where they can get one for their daughters, friends and husbands- I think this gift is totally unique and touching! If you order this for a loved one they won’t be disappointed! (Denise, Birmingham)

We gave the Star Print to our daughter to her 2nd Birthday. While she is always given lovely toys, books and clothes it was really special to be able to give her a thoughtful keepsake for her bedroom as well. The process is very straightforward, answering some simple questions on your child’s traits and the end product is an attractive and high quality print which due to its subtle design will work in any room. I would certainly recommend these prints and will definitely consider them as family and friend presents in future. (Helen, Bucks)

We were given this ode from our Son and Daughter-in- law from our granddaughter. We were so touched as how it was personalised to us, it did bring tears, especially as they live overseas and we don’t get regular physical contact. (Pat, Bucks)