18th / 21st Birthday Ode
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18th / 21st Birthday Ode


If you are struggling to find a gift for a special birthday that conveys how much someone means to you, how proud you are of their achievements and your hopes and dreams for their future; then these 28 line personalised poems are the perfect gift.

Humorous and heartfelt, each Ode is completely unique and comes in a variety of designs/colours/framing options so that you can tailor your gift to exactly your taste.

These Odes also make great Speeches for special occasions. We guarantee that they will make the recipient laugh, cry, and certainly feel very loved indeed.

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Product Description

These personalised poems are the perfect gift for an 18th or 21st birthday present. They also make excellent speeches for coming of age birthdays.

What better way to tell someone how much they mean to you, how proud you are of them and your hopes and dreams for their future- than by creating a unique ode to them?

Let me take your precious memories and turn them into something truly memorable; a gift that they will treasure forever.

Each ode is made up of 28 lines, printed on high quality card, and comes in a choice of designs/colours/frames or the option of leaving the product plain or unframed.

After you purchase one of our odes, I will send you a simple questionnaire to fill in about whom the Ode is dedicated to. This will include questions about their birth, their personality traits, their achievements and funny/poignant stories that you would like to be included.

I will then compose a witty and heartfelt ode about your young adult, perfectly capturing how you feel about them- and including a timeless message for them to cherish as they grow older.

You will be able to review the poem before it goes to print to make any small changes.

I guarantee that they are a gift that will make the receiver laugh, cry (in a good way) and most certainly feel very loved indeed.

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Each ode is printed in colour on thick A4 260gsm matte off-white linen card.

You can choose the design (leaf/stars/blank) and colour (grey&yellow, grey&blue, grey&pink, black)
You can choose to have the print framed (£40+p&p) ) or unframed (£30+p&p) Frames come in a choice of matt black, matt white or beech and a choice of 2 sizes Small: (21cm x 30cm x 3cm deep with a glass front and no mount.) These have a back stand or can be hung. Or Large (30cm x 40cm x 3.5cm deep with a glass front and a neutral mount. ) These are deep mount so can stand alone or be hung on a wall.

Each ode is made up of 28 rhyming lines. They are created using the answers provided by you through a simple questionnaire sent out after purchase. Please note that whilst the majority of the poem is completely bespoke, some elements (for example the formatting at the beginning and the final 6 lines) will remain similar. This is because we feel the enduring message remains the same- “Just be yourself, which is pretty much perfect to me.”


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    I asked Melissa to write a poem as a present for our eldest daughter for her 21st. I had read a poem she had previously written and thought it was beautiful and wanted a present that she would hopefully treasure forever and someday hopefully share with her children and grandchildren. The process was very easy and straightforward and even a few small changes were no problem to Melissa!  I was absolutely choked with the end result, it really pulled at my heart strings and for days before my daughters birthday I filled up with tears every time I read it.  It is now in the safe hands of my daughter Jilly.  It was the first present she carefully re-wrapped in its beautiful frame and brought back to University with her after a weekend of celebrating her birthday at home.  She loved it so much she held it tight against her chest when she was thanking me so much for it.  She shared it with a lot of her friends and they all said how beautiful a gift and how special it was.  I would certainly without any hesitation recommend it to as many people I know for that very special birthday or indeed special occasion of any sort.  I will certainly be ordering same for my other two daughters when they both turn 21 without a shadow of a doubt.  This poem was a very special gift of love, carefully wrapped in the most beautiful frame and the most gorgeous oldie world wrapping.  And it was so reasonably priced for the many hours that were put into preparing it. Melissa has a wonderful talent for pitching the poem EXACTLY as YOU want it. (Jilly, age 42, Hemel Hempstead)

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